solo freelancer vs. the owner of a business

Copyblogger has a great article titled Is There Life After Freelancing?

In it Shane Pearlman speaks of the differences he has experienced going from being a freelancer, or the silly term some use now of solopreneur , to being a business owner.

Basically going from trading time for money to building something larger than one person.

Here is a bit from the middle:

Taking freelancing to the next step of building a bigger business is a great goal, and a way cool business model, if you are the right person.


By the time we finish discussing what the end result looks like, you’ll either get more excited (like I did) or you might consider other paths to follow and grow your existing freelance business.

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The first step is one of figuring out where you think you want to end, begin with the end in mind, then start making plans & set sail. Not everyone should become a business owner, but we love working with those who are called to build something bigger than themselves.

Great job both Copyblogger & Shane.

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