on Cube 19 Media Earthquake

Starting Cube 0019 : Media Earthquake is a deep cube, but when I fist heard the clip I thought about two tracks of how information and ideas spawned by it could be taken:

  • business & organization
  • persona

Here I am going to look at some of the ideas from that cube that can be applied to your business, before we get into that make sure you have listened to Starting Cube 19 Media Earthquake


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Now for my reactions:

[MP3 – 16:43]

1. News & Information Can Spread fast

The attached image to Cube 19 is from my neighborhood. If I wanted to, I could share this information moments after the picture was taken. If I want to broaden the reach of the media I create, I have to have people with influence spread it. Could be a cable news network, or individuals like Cliff Ravenscraft, or Paul Winkler. Two individuals & small business owners who not only have a good sized population that follow them, they also influence many influences.

One last key on making content spread fast: Don’t suck in the eyes of your audience.


It does not matter what a marketing professional things, other then their knowledge of the specific people you want to develop a relationship with.


2. We are more plugged in today then ever

The hosts of Tech News Today are not your typical individual when it comes to being connected to the internet or information. At the same time, the speed of information has increased even though not everyone has a smartphone.

Think of the people you spend time with. At least one is probably on facebook or twitter … on their phone. Because they get information quicker, big breaking news & stuff they are interested in, you get news faster.

Again, it’s networks of networks.


3. Avoid “Seems out of place”

When you have clients, to keep them, you develop some form of relationship with them. Don’t all of the sudden change how you act, treat them, or what you produce. Minimum the reaction will be one of “seems out of place”.

People like consistency in the relationships … even if the consistency is that of “fun, new, exciting and random”. The expectations of what others will get is very important.


It’s ok to do something different & really you should evolve over time, but the key is to make sure you communicate with the audience / clients /market about the vision, directions, and what is going on.

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