Naming ANSP

We ended up with a wonderful domain name – , and have the general idea for a show (see below), but we are not entirely sure what to name it. We have the AN part (Ally Nation), but thinking on the SP.

In the end, the decision was made to just do a few examples of what we are expecting, put it out there & see what others think the S & P should stand for.

General Idea: a regular short show that is a thought or something deep for leaders on a verity of topics.

And here are some clips:

PAM 152 – Pricing Sweet Spot

EconTalk – Increasing Productivity (from Boettke on Mises )

Thou Shall Prosper – Learning from Who?
[audio:] – Engines

Please leave your naming ideas in the comments. General idea I am thinking about involve something with new, change, thinking, path, place, point.

We also like sailing, so if it fits with sailing … that’s even better.

Thanks, we look forward to your ideas.

5 Replies to “Naming ANSP”

  1. Short and to the Point
    Salt and Pepper
    Sundry Perspectives
    Special Presentations
    Short Pieces
    Success Principles

    It’s late and I can’t think of much else right now…

    1. Ha, nice suggestions Clark… “Short and to the Point” was the first thing I thought of too.

      Ally Nation…

      Short & Poignant
      Savvy Principles
      Successful & Prosperous
      Success & Prosperity
      Smart Productivity
      Simply Psychological
      Simplify & Produce

      Good luck on the new project Jon!

  2. Settled on a name … decided last night (while taking to my wonderful wife) to use for something slightly different, freeing me up for just about anything.

    Just registered a bunch of domain names related to the name, expect the first ep to be released today ( 11-01-11 is a cool start date).

    thanks again to all who provided feedback.

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