Naming ANSP

We ended up with a wonderful domain name – , and have the general idea for a show (see below), but we are not entirely sure what to name it. We have the AN part (Ally Nation), but thinking on the SP.

In the end, the decision was made to just do a few examples of what we are expecting, put it out there & see what others think the S & P should stand for.

General Idea: a regular short show that is a thought or something deep for leaders on a verity of topics.

And here are some clips:

PAM 152 – Pricing Sweet Spot

EconTalk – Increasing Productivity (from Boettke on Mises )

Thou Shall Prosper – Learning from Who?
[audio:] – Engines

Please leave your naming ideas in the comments. General idea I am thinking about involve something with new, change, thinking, path, place, point.

We also like sailing, so if it fits with sailing … that’s even better.

Thanks, we look forward to your ideas.

and now, introducing

Branding is an important step for any cause.

One of the things we discourage is the over use of “free” services out there.

Gmail is great, but why promote as opposed to Your Domain Name . com ?

Same goes with URL Shortners.

We have set up as our official URL Shortner for Ally Nation.

Basically, when you see a URL with you know that we set the link up, and we are putting out stamp of “we are sending you somewhere that we trust.”

We put our brand on the line each time we create & send out a link from … so, you should feel a little more comfortable clicking on them.

October 2010 direction

The Core focus of Ally Nation is to support private solutions to public problems.

We intend to do this through a few ways:
– helping businesses & organizations though coaching, consulting & other services
– promoting private solutions that provide solutions to public problems, or are working on them
– offering goods that organizations need

Private Solutions
When we have said this to others, many often think automatically to non-profits, or charities. Where these are good, noble, and within our scope of groups we desire to help, businesses fall into this category too.

Public Problems
Again, when we say this part of our focus, it applies to businesses.

Business provide more solutions to the problems of the world then any public group, even businesses that have publicly available stock that are primarily owned by the private sector.

The General Plan
As of late October 2010, we are looking at:

  • promote solutions
  • promote individuals & groups that are providing solutions
  • provide solutions of our own
  • coach clients that we want to support

Hello world!

Starts with a first step.

I have a vision, a dream that we are heading towards.

AllyNation is a part of that dream, but this is a marathon, and not a sprint.

Thus, we are starting slow & working one day at a time.

We are always looking for great people, organizations & ideas to support.