October 2010 direction

The Core focus of Ally Nation is to support private solutions to public problems.

We intend to do this through a few ways:
– helping businesses & organizations though coaching, consulting & other services
– promoting private solutions that provide solutions to public problems, or are working on them
– offering goods that organizations need

Private Solutions
When we have said this to others, many often think automatically to non-profits, or charities. Where these are good, noble, and within our scope of groups we desire to help, businesses fall into this category too.

Public Problems
Again, when we say this part of our focus, it applies to businesses.

Business provide more solutions to the problems of the world then any public group, even businesses that have publicly available stock that are primarily owned by the private sector.

The General Plan
As of late October 2010, we are looking at:

  • promote solutions
  • promote individuals & groups that are providing solutions
  • provide solutions of our own
  • coach clients that we want to support

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  1. It took me nearly 20 years of experience as an active volunteer, officer, board member and employee in both nonprofit and government operations to develop an irrefutable belief with respect to “public service.”

    The greatest public service that any individual can provide is to establish, own and operate a legitimate business.

    Expanding the supply of commerce is critical to the advancement, growth and upkeep of a successful society.

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