Top 6 to Achieve Your Dreams

This past week was an amazing time of change & adjustment for me. I spent most of the week traveling to work with some organizations & network with others. With some down time, I was able to really study and go through many books & podcasts that I had stockpiled.

One book had a profound effect on my workflow and life.

The Ultimate Sales Machine

I don’t know why, but the title of this book did not appeal to me.

After several people recommending it, I picked it up on Audible a while back, and it was sitting on my phone. The first chapter has been well worth the investment of time and money. The idea is to focus on your top six items for the day.

This provides two important things:
– Flexibility
– Focus

Choice makes us rich. When we have options, and the ability to make a choice we are rich and we all desire to be rich. The other extremes are a list of one, and a massive list of anything and everything.

Your Top 6

The Ultimate Sales Machine encourages a focused list of 6 items per day, giving you a combination of flexibility & focus on what is really important to you. Don’t automatically add more when you finish items. You can have another list of stuff, but stick to the 6 & finish the 6.

My to do list for yesterday was:

  1. Email people I meet while traveling
  2. Listen to some great audio & take notes
  3. Watch a football game
  4. Meet up with a regular group of people
  5. Rest
  6. Time with Children

For me, on that Sunday, those were the most important things I could do because after a week of travel. I really needed rest, but also felt the pressure to br productive towards my dreams.

Today is slightly different:

  1. Interview Business Owners in an area I want to help
  2. Call a specific person about a project
  3. Email at three specific people who I would like to interview
  4. Taking care of children (my primary job in life)
  5. Take a vehicle to mechanic
  6. Spend time with family that are in town

At the end of today I’ll be happy accomplishing all those & I’ll have a record of what I did. Keeping that record helps me realize the progress I am making.

Those 6 items today also account for at least 5 hours of my day. Four hours if you consider I’ll be able to do other stuff while at the mechanic. More hours if you consider my primary job is taking care of my children & that is and of itself is a full-time job.

One Last Key

Make sure you know what your vision for your world is. The better you understand where you are trying to go, the better you will make a list of six items that really are the most important things for your day.

Consider picking up a copy of The Ultimate Sales Machine as either text or audiobook.

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