Want to Hangout, Don’t want to share video — Do These Three Steps!

Last night I did a wonderful Google Hangout for an hour. Several people from around the world talking, with great fun and excitement, but because of the hour and limitations of hardware, a few did not want to have video.

What ended up happening is 4 of the 5 people who were involved in this hour-long conversation just had a big black box.

It was ok, but taking these simple steps to share a picture, even of some random scenery, would make the whole conversation better.

How To Control Your Picture on Google+ Hangout

Step 1. Have a pix up in a program running in the background.

I typically use irfanview ( http://www.irfanview.com/ ) on my windows box, but any browser, like Chrome or Firefox, will do the same thing. The key is to have something running that just sits there with the pix up.

Step 2. Log into the Hangout

This can be done first, but whatever.

Step 3. Select “Screenshare” then the program or browser showing the image.


If you want to change the image, then change the image in the program.

This result is so much better than a bunch of black boxes & allows people to visually know who is talking too.


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