Kickstart Today – olympics, coffee & zombies

We love Kickstarter projects & watch for great projects. Today we have some ending that we like, and want to mention others.

A little about Kickstarter Campaigns

It’s a great system where talent based projects can seek funding by basically pre-selling items. It works on a donation & reqard pledge drive system. Basically the artist starts a campaign to raise $X number of dollars. Individuals make pledges. If the goal is reached, the money is delivered, if the goal is not reached – no money ever comes out of anyone’s bank account. Continue reading “Kickstart Today – olympics, coffee & zombies”

Future of Advertising?



This morning I decided to re-watch a great Ted Talk about work. I continued to work on other stuff while listening to the audio. Then an ad came on.


I went to shut down that tab, but the video captured me.


From there I went and found the video embedded above, tweeted about it, posted to facebook, and finally started on this post.


It use to be that I would only watch movie trailers as commercials, but I can say that if the approach is less about speed bumps and more education & entertainment, I would watch more. In some regards some of the other media I do take in, podcasts & webinars, are just large commercials.




solo freelancer vs. the owner of a business

Copyblogger has a great article titled Is There Life After Freelancing?

In it Shane Pearlman speaks of the differences he has experienced going from being a freelancer, or the silly term some use now of solopreneur , to being a business owner.

Basically going from trading time for money to building something larger than one person.

Here is a bit from the middle:

Taking freelancing to the next step of building a bigger business is a great goal, and a way cool business model, if you are the right person.


By the time we finish discussing what the end result looks like, you’ll either get more excited (like I did) or you might consider other paths to follow and grow your existing freelance business.

[ more ]

The first step is one of figuring out where you think you want to end, begin with the end in mind, then start making plans & set sail. Not everyone should become a business owner, but we love working with those who are called to build something bigger than themselves.

Great job both Copyblogger & Shane.

The Story of: Saving Blue Like Jazz

Kickstarter is an interesting system that aims to help a creator and a fanbase get together and fund the work of a creator.

Blue Like Jazz is a book by Donald Miller liked by many.

Saving Blue Like Jazz was a project by a couple Blue Like Jazz fans who did not want a lack of funding to prevent the book from becoming a movie.

The story has been written about by Donald Miller, by Kickstarter, and others.

Here is the first video they released:

A couple Thoughts:

  • People want to be a part of something, a cause, a goal, a production
  • You need a fanbase
  • We are in a great time to make interesting things happen that would not be possible in the past.

Your Thoughts? Comments?