Kickstart Today – olympics, coffee & zombies

We love Kickstarter projects & watch for great projects. Today we have some ending that we like, and want to mention others.

A little about Kickstarter Campaigns

It’s a great system where talent based projects can seek funding by basically pre-selling items. It works on a donation & reqard pledge drive system. Basically the artist starts a campaign to raise $X number of dollars. Individuals make pledges. If the goal is reached, the money is delivered, if the goal is not reached – no money ever comes out of anyone’s bank account.

After some time, people who have pledged & contributed to successful campaigns are generally given rewards.

So, it’s not exactly preordering, but many use it like that. In the end the Artists retain intelectual property & the supporters have both help made something happen & recieve something they wanted.

Ending Soon (less then 32 hours)

The Olympic City – -  7 hours left – Interesting visual project where they go back and look at past Olympic cities today.

KONE Coffee Filter + Brewing System – – 32 hours left & have reached their goal. This has the best intro video I’ve seen. Not only that, the product is in the third generation of production. They had an idea, shipped it, keep improving, shipped version 2, and now is basically pre-selling version 3 and have currently reached 2914% of their goal.


Ending within next 8 days

Dead State: The Zombie Survival RPG – – This video game has reached it’s goal & is in a “strech goal” phase that many projects are doing now. They are extras they will throw in, work on, etc if they reach a higher level of contrabutions.

Ground Branch – – Realistic focused FPS video game. 7 days left, not reached their goal. An interesting thing that they have done is reworked their intro video and other media.

Retrovirus, a six axis shooter – – Playstyle of this video game seems to be one of space, but the setting is similar to a city. 7 days left, not reached their goal yet.


Watching & Promoting

THE ICARUS DECEPTION: WHY MAKE ART? New from Seth Godin – – 17 days left on this book that went well past the goal in the first hours. My biggest suggestion is go consume this free book by the same author at if you like it, pledge the $4 to get a digital copy before the print version hits the stores.

Tabletop Forge: The Virtual Tabletop for Google+ Hangouts – – I like this one because of the interesting use for Google Hangouts. I can also see using this for some planning of plays, events, etc. It has reached it’s goal, but you – just watch and think about how you might use this technology.

Race to Adventure! A Spirit of the Centuryâ„¢ Board Game – – I could see playing this game with my kids in the future & can see lessons they could learn from it. This board game should reach it’s goal.

Clang – – Like Swords? Either mythology, fantacy, or history? There is a group who fall into this group who are working on improving how swordplay works in video games. This project is involved with that. The production value of the intro video is very good with this one.

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