A Castle Thank You

Kickstarter is a wonderful system of pairing artists and fans together to help finance the creation of art.

One desire of most artists is to thank the people who supported them as they pursued creating something great. Sometimes the artist even wants to personally thank every person by name, but how do you do this in an effective way when you have 21,207+ backers?

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Kickstart Today – olympics, coffee & zombies

We love Kickstarter projects & watch for great projects. Today we have some ending that we like, and want to mention others.

A little about Kickstarter Campaigns

It’s a great system where talent based projects can seek funding by basically pre-selling items. It works on a donation & reqard pledge drive system. Basically the artist starts a campaign to raise $X number of dollars. Individuals make pledges. If the goal is reached, the money is delivered, if the goal is not reached – no money ever comes out of anyone’s bank account. Continue reading “Kickstart Today – olympics, coffee & zombies”

The Story of: Saving Blue Like Jazz

Kickstarter is an interesting system that aims to help a creator and a fanbase get together and fund the work of a creator.

Blue Like Jazz is a book by Donald Miller liked by many.

Saving Blue Like Jazz was a project by a couple Blue Like Jazz fans who did not want a lack of funding to prevent the book from becoming a movie.

The story has been written about by Donald Miller, by Kickstarter, and others.

Here is the first video they released:

A couple Thoughts:

  • People want to be a part of something, a cause, a goal, a production
  • You need a fanbase
  • We are in a great time to make interesting things happen that would not be possible in the past.

Your Thoughts? Comments?