Ally Nation Guides : WordPress

We like WordPress & use it as a core for all the sites we are involved with.

It is flexable & allows us to move fast and focus on the new and unique elements, as opposed to reinventing the wheel.


Over many years we have helped people get started & currently maintain several sites for clients. Over and over we have developed little guides & taught individuals how to publish new content on their site.


Now we are going to focus on some core elements that we use, the stuff that piratically every site we are involved with does. Here are some of the topics already on our list:

  • Categories
  • Menus
  • Pages & Posts
  • Custom Page Templates
  • Widgets
  • Featured Images

With knowledge of these areas anyone who we have helped get started will be able to do about 95% of what one wants to do.

How To: Kill off a Facebook Page

Today this question came in from a client:

With my learning curve, I accidentally set up two Facebook Pages for my Business and need to get rid of the one without my logo. Any suggestions?

We can go a step farther & give the way to do this, as of today.

Step 1. Log into Facebook from a computer
Step 2. Go to the page you want to kill

Step 3. Click the “Edit Page” – Currently in the upper rigth

Step 4. Go to Manage Permissions – you might start off here

Step 5: Click the Delete Page link

Step 6: Confirm you want to delete by pressing the button.

That is it. Hope this helps & thank you for clearing out a page from facebook that you will really not use, there are too many accounts in the world that nothing is done with.

Guide: Adding DCG image

We have helped groups, organizations, and businesses set up simple websites that have what we refer to as a FCG or DCG.

Here are the simple steps to make an image show up in the DCG/FCG.

Step 1. Make a post

The first step is simply making a post. Here is an example we will be using the rest of the time:

Step 2. Get into the Editor
With this site, if you are logged in you can simply click the edit button near the title.

This should bring up something like this:

We will mess with three items
1. Add an Image – where we find the URL to the image
2. Dynamic Content Gallery Metabox – where we need to paste the URL to the image in
3. Categories – you must make sure the proper category is selected, in this case it is FCG

Step 3. Go Find the URL

First thing is to click the “Add an Image” (#1) button. This should bring up a box, either upload the image, or find it in either the Gallery (if it is already in the post) or Media Library. In this case it is in the Gallery.

We want the box that reads “Link URL” to display the proper URL to the image.

To make this happen, we click the “File URL” button.

This will cause the box to be filled with the URL to the file. Like this:

Step 4. Copy & Paste

Simply copy and paste that URL into the Box (#2) … notice how the URL’s are the same in the next image:
NOTE: don’t click the “Save all changes” button, it is not needed, just click the [X] in the upper right.

Step 5. Check the Categories

The FCG or DCG will have a category that it pulls from. That means that the post MUST be put in that category for it to work.