Special Limited Foundation Alumni Coaching Offer – June 2014

Do you want you would like to achieve in three months?

What if you could make dramatic advancements in just 90 days…

If you are looking to create a profitable business that leverages the best of your core skills, talents, and is inline with who you are than this offer is for you.  Be a part of a  team that allows you to help others.

I’m looking for a few people & causes to help.. My goal is to provide you with perspective, resources, and help you maximize your results any way I can.

Is this for you?

If you are open and receptive to the guidance and different insights than this may be for you.  My role will be to help you to clarity your why, get you to focus on your goals,  provide you with actionable insights, provide knowledge in areas that you are weak in, connect you with the right people, and provide you with multiple perspectives when making choices.

The people that I choose to work with are..  driven, action oriented, individuals who are open to being vulnerable, sharing both their inner and outer worlds.  Wanting to grow as people not just as entrepreneurs.

My belief is the more you know about yourself, your future, and your visions the more I can help speak truth and provide guidance for you.This might not be for you …

Have an issue with motivation? Want someone to be your boss? This might not be for you.


The less clear you are on what you want, the less progress you will make. We can work on finding that clarity, yet I have less slots for one on one coaching for that type of work.

The biggest thing is you need to take action. If you are not working towards your goals we will stop working together.

How’s it going to work?

Do you have an issue with motivation?

Want someone to be your boss?

Than this is not for you!

The truth is the less clear you are on what you want, the less progress you will make. We can work together on finding the clarity you need, but I have less slots for one on one coaching for that type of work. So I can only work with folks who are seriously committed to changing their outcomes.

The biggest thing you need to do to change your life is.. Take Action. If you are not working towards your goals we will stop working together.  You know the old saying you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink!

How’s it going to work?

We will begin by setting up a rough schedule. You can choose either twice per month or more frequent if you desire.

Our sessions will start with a thorough and quick goal setting process so that we know where we are heading in the right direction.

Before each meeting you will provide status on your efforts, the areas you need to focus on, and what you’re next step is.

During our time we will have private discussions and work on issues as they arise.

Our meeting schedule will be drafted a full month in advance so you will have able time to work on your goals.  Our meeting will  be done as a Google Hangout, with audio as a backup.



Requirements of the meetings:

  1. Send in your update the morning of our scheduled call – at the latest.
  2. Be on time for the call, as distraction free as you can be.
  3. Be open with where you are at, how you did and what you desire.
  4. If something happens where you will be late, or cannot make a scheduled appointment – let Jonathan know ASAP.
  5. Do what you say you are going to do.
  6. Share when you don’t agree or like something – remember, part of this is to push you past where you are currently comfortable so that you can be the best you can be.


Price & Payment

For Foundation Alumni in these limited positions.

These prices only apply for the first 5 people accepted.

30 minute sessions – $75 per session

60 minute session – $150 per session


Payments are made once a month, a month ahead. Any extra sessions can be added since the last payment.


The Next Step

Fill out this application:

[gravityform id=”10″ name=”Coaching Application v1a” title=”false” description=”false”]


What if this does not work out, will we be friends?


Can I get a refund?

If you pay more than a month in advance, you can be refunded past the current month either you or I choose to not continue.


What if I get bad advice?

Your future is in your hands. You are responsible to taking the necessary actions and focus on what works for you. My focus is to provide what you need. At times that will be specifically to just get you to look at the world a different way, my goal is to get you to be the best you can be … not to blindly follow me.

If this is a major concern, you should probably move on to another coach.

What if I need to reschedule a session or two?

We have some flexibility & life happens.

Can I pause my coaching?

I’m human. I know life happens & expect to be so close to you that if you are considering it I’ll know before you ask. We will talk through your options when you need it. Understand the biggest thing is that I want you to win.

How can we arrange it around times I’m available?

I have two basic times that work. Midday and Evening in Central USA time. For the past six months I would reguarly have 1 on 1 calls at both times.

If you have really limited time mention it in your application.


Are my sessions private?

Yes. I am a vault & fully respect what others tell me.

What if I want to find another coach or stop altogether?

Great, if we are not a great match I want you to find someone else.

One request is to finish out the scheduled calls we have.

What can I expect from you?

Expect me to know you & to help you be the best you you can be.

You will gain focus, perspective, and other resources from my knowledge and network.


How will coaching improve my results?

By making sure your activity is maximizing your progress. A coach has the added advantage of being able to see you from a differant perspective and thus can eliminate barriors and cause focused action on the best strategies for your situation.

What tools or systems will be used or do I need to get started?

  • Google+ Hangotus is the preferred method of meeting.
  • Skype is the first backup.
  • Phone after that.
  • Dropbox will be used to send files.
  • Google Drive for documents.

Can I write this off on my taxes?

This is a question for your accountant. If you have a business, and you should, then this should be a business expense that you can.

How can I measure my progress?

We will work out the major goal and where you are today. Then over time we will have checkpoints and milestones you are stiving for.

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