Should I Be On X?

On a regular basis a client or random person asks me something along one of these lines:

Should I be on Twitter?
Should my business have a Facebook Page?
What is this LinkedIn? Should I do something with it?
Did Google release their Facebook Killer yet? What should I do when they do?

The simplest answer is

 either “it depends” or “yes”; now lets look at  what I really get into, or think about, when helping a coaching client.

First Look At Yourself

No matter if you are a business, individual, or other organization, the first place to begin is the goals, purpose, and mission you are on.

In almost all missions a key to achieving any goals is to connect with the right group of people, market, or clients.

Social Media can be a great way to build relationships with clients.

So, just do it?

Not exactly. It really depends on you as an individual or organization. The amount of time and energy to do any social media can be next to nothing. How long does it take you to type 128 characters into twitter?

At this point I have over 1,000 characters – so I could have posted all that in about 8 tweets.

Should I Be On X

However, this would not be effective in achieving my goals and purpose. It would not cause me to have more fans or better connect with my target market. Odds are I would just run off the fans that I do have.

To boil this article down to 128 characters, in a way that is catchy & worth the time and energy the cost is greater than zero.

The costs could be more than time, energy and/or money – the costs can be in brand identity.

If you suck at social media, doing it might be worse than doing nothing. Don’t suck.

If you commit to one of more social media platforms, then understand that it will take time.

When you work hard at what you produce, you have only started with the time it takes, then you need to interact with people. Sometimes it’s promoting people you support, sometimes it is responding to people who have praised or scolded you. Both are already happening, but if you are not involved.


The Right Network for You

Ask your clients. Ask your fans. Ask your target market – What is your primary Social Media Network that you use?

Then start there.

Starting out where the people you provide value to is the fastest strategy to building existing relationships & meeting new people.


Which network do you use the most & why?

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