March 4th – morning work

Last night I sent the idea for this project to some core advisers of mine.

After a little encouragement I went and sent two types of messages out:

  1. To past Champions
  2. Posts in public


1. To Past Champions

I went and text’ed a handful of Real Estate Investors who had supported Project Lime, either by putting money in or were very close.

The message was simple:

You seeing a buyers market or sellers market in our area? ~Jon Nation

This is important because Project Lime was a clear winner in a buyers market, yet died in part because we had shifted into s sellers market. It also got the conversation started again with these handful of people who I had built some rapport with.


2. Posts in public

Went to some Facebook & LinkedIn groups I had already been a member of and posted something like this:

Is your area currently a buyers market or sellers market?
(what area do you focus on?)

I don’t know these groups anymore. Which are active, who the players are, etc yet with this question I can establish some contact with people to talk to in the groups (if people respond).


Setting Up This Area

Last thing I’ve done the past hour or so is set up this area of Ally Nation to document.

First thought was to put it in a Google+ Community.
I did not like that because it would be fine for people who follow the journey the entire time, yet did not work well for people wanting to catch up from the beginning.

Since I know how to run sites & have for others for years, setting up this little locked down area will provide a way I can record stuff as they happen and share with a small group still.





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