Look what Google+ Did

I am writing this post for two core reasons

  1. Google+ has a post up that is a good example of what one can do with some creativity
  2. Google+ is asking for feedback & that is alwasy notable

The post:

The Post Google+ DidThat is from the Google+ official account.

This use of Google+

The first interesting thing about this is that they are looking for feedback from readers in a very controled way. I have seen other groups use events, with making Yes, as voting Yes, and No as voting No.

What they did was:
1. make a post
2. make some comments to the post (the options)3. lock the post so that there was no more comments
4. acctually lock the post so that there is no sharing

Each account can only vote in the posative.
Each account can only vote once per item.

It’s a brilliant use of Google+.


BTW: Google+ is looking for feedback

This is the next big thing – they are asking for feedback for their page, but in turn it effects the direction of G+ … so go +1 your top thing you would like more of.

I want more Google+ product updates & tips, as anyone following that page would desire …. but I really want more hangouts with Google Employees.

A +1 for that one is a message to encourage more interactions between Googlers and non-Googlers.

I hope you go +1 some stuff.


What about you?

Have you used Google+ in a creative way?

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