How Will you Add Value?

To accomplish a greatness it takes more than just Action, Action, Action, Action …

Simple goals action might be all that is required.

Seth Godin shares an inspiring thought on adding value, or improving your world & breaks it down into three things.

  • Tasks
  • Decisions
  • Initiation

His short post is well worth reading now if you have not already.

Leading is more than just initiation, though all initiation falls under leadership, with some doing and choosing involved too.

Leadership is a value add in getting more done than a single person can. It’s empowering, supporting, inspiring, influencing, connecting, and guiding.

All leaders do tasks.

All leaders make decisions.

All leaders must initiate.


Yet, not all who provide value through work, tasks, or doing

And, not all who provide value through making decisions, choosing, and picking the best

… have the same level of impact that leaders can have.


The choice of leadership is yours.

We are always looking for people who want to provide value & the more leaders we have in our networks the more we can make the world a better place.


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