How do you spell it?

In the next few days a website will be stated.
The core idea of helping a specific group, who take care of their children full time, and are working on building a business, but there is one big question:

How do you spell it?

This is something that I am not sure about so here is some audio with the name & two slots for you to put the suggested domain name &  brand name (How it looks on paper – they can be slightly different).

Please listen to the audio, the name is right up front & then after that is some of the story & vision.

[mp3 – 2:59]

[gravityform id=”4″ name=”How do you Spell it?” title=”false” description=”false”]

NOTE: 2011-11-07 10am

Several people have sent me feedback & I appreciate that. A couple have seemed to want me to know who they are, but did not put their name in the note, or an email address anywhere.
The only info I am getting is what you fill in. Give no email address & I have no clue who you are.

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