Smiling in the Valleys

When was your last win?

Smiling in the Valleys Ally Nation

That mountaintop experience that you drove hard to & accomplished. A milestone that caused you to shout to the heavens out of exhilaration.

Has it been a while?

Most of my life has seemed more like lost in a valley than reaching the summit.


One thing has really helped me … having a ‘Happy File’.

Why do you need to start a Happy File today?

All business owners need a Happy File, no matter if you have millions of clients or a single client you call “boss”. When you make the decision to take ownership for your life, you aim higher than the average person … you need a Happy File.

I call my Happy File “Pure Joy Fuel”. It’s an evernote notebook because it’s easy to add to no matter where I am.

I include posts, screenshots, text, and sometimes audio.


Whatever will show me …

You Made A Difference!

because making a difference is what fuels me & depression is the false belief “I don’t matter; the world would be better off without me.”


Imagine the most frustrating depressed time you can stand … now, what if you could go read something a friend sent you days, months, or years ago when you felt like you were not living to a level you could:


Few are brave enough to ask the question. Fewer still that dig for the honest answer. I will tell you that on the other side of the answer, whatever that may be, is more clarity about who you are, how you work and what you’re headed for.

I love you.

I appreciate you.


The world needs what you have to offer.


It’s a matter of figuring out where the problems are that you can solve.

The sweet spot where the right industry with problems needing solutions and your strengths and passions collide.


Did we think it would be easy to find this space?

You are strong.

You are tenacious.

You are steady.


Steady doesn’t mean there aren’t low moments and discouraging times.

It just means by your nature, you’re like a bobber in the water.

People look at people like us and think we have no issues.


It’s pretty tough to lead people when they feel like we’re unreachable. Ugly moments like this create additional notches in our leadership belt. They give us stories that we’ll use to connect with others in the future, to build their dreams and hope.

That even we have moments when life is grey and frustrating.


You know what I think is beautiful?

You immediately went to the things that nurture you.

THAT is remarkable

THAT is a linchpin move

THAT is wise

THAT is why you will win

Are you going to play small, or are you going to put in place one system that will help you get up when you have been knocked down or simply need a win?


Where will your Happy File live at the end of today?