You know it’s coming.
You have dreaded it for months, or at least weeks.
The Season Finale of your favorite TV show … and worse, that cliffhanger right at the end, and nothing for months.

You really want more. Another episode next week; the next chapter of the story.

With many ventures I have made a mistake. I set the expectation of perpetual production. Two episodes per week. One episode per month. One post per day. Sixteen hours per day. Fifty hours per week.

Each was a mistake.

Each venture was missing a designated reevaluation date, a predetermined season. Instead of just starting out with a goals, each needed to have a point where you are forced to review, reflect, and make a decision to continue in the same, similar, or different direction. On a personal level humans sometimes need  sabbatical (breaks from your normal) or a sabbath (day of rest each week).

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