How Will you Add Value?

To accomplish a greatness it takes more than just Action, Action, Action, Action …

Simple goals action might be all that is required.

Seth Godin shares an inspiring thought on adding value, or improving your world & breaks it down into three things.

  • Tasks
  • Decisions
  • Initiation

His short post is well worth reading now if you have not already.

Leading is more than just initiation, though all initiation falls under leadership, with some doing and choosing involved too.

Leadership is a value add in getting more done than a single person can. It’s empowering, supporting, inspiring, influencing, connecting, and guiding.

All leaders do tasks.

All leaders make decisions.

All leaders must initiate.


Yet, not all who provide value through work, tasks, or doing

And, not all who provide value through making decisions, choosing, and picking the best

… have the same level of impact that leaders can have.


The choice of leadership is yours.

We are always looking for people who want to provide value & the more leaders we have in our networks the more we can make the world a better place.


Top 6 to Achieve Your Dreams

This past week was an amazing time of change & adjustment for me. I spent most of the week traveling to work with some organizations & network with others. With some down time, I was able to really study and go through many books & podcasts that I had stockpiled.

One book had a profound effect on my workflow and life.

The Ultimate Sales Machine

I don’t know why, but the title of this book did not appeal to me.

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on Cube21 – Means, Ends, Sun Tzu, Art of War & Business

Starting Cube 21 – Means to an End, was inspired by a two hour History Channel special on Sun Tzu’s Art of War and how the lessons play out in three modern battles: Vietnam, Battle of Normandy/D-Day & Gatiesburgh.

First you should start off listening to Cube 21:


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Now for my reactions:

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Business vs War

Business is not War

Businessmen who think of business as war gives business a bad name.

Breaking vs Building
Primary goal of war is to impose your will on a group.
The primary goal of business is to build something, or provide value.

Sun Tzu really pushes the use of deception to win a war.

Deception in a business is a destructive strategy; and is too similar to fraud or oppressive methods for acquiring wealth, not acceptable or good ways of building your dream.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

It’s important to enjoy the journey, but the journey is not the destination.

Not every moment of building your dream shall be enjoyable, but the overall journey should be.

You have to have both parts, if you lose sight of either:
– journey
– destination
you have lost

The destination might not always be clear to an outsider, that is not a big issue, the goals must be clear and remembered by you.

To help with both elements, keeping written records of what you are striving for and what you have accomplished (or progress) can help.

One Trick Providers

There is power in focus on the part of an individual, but as a group, if everyone brings the same viewpoint & skills, then some people are unneeded.

You have to find additional resources to achieve your goals.

Might be a coach or outside consultant, or it might be a new book, podcast, training course.

Be intentional with what you input into your mind & who you spend time with.

Need an Outside Perspective?

We provide coaching and consulting for individuals and organizations who are striving to solve a public problem with a private solution.

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