Profile Creation

Let’s get started.

This is a brag sheet. Tell, share, the more the better, not all will be included, yet you want to have enough.


  • List one or multiple items you have gone through, earned, or received. This is to help people know what you have done in the past that either you or others see as a big deal. (you can list many, just spread it out).
  • Who do you really want to help? What problems in the world do you really want to solve? What are you studing? (you can list many, just spread it out).
  • What Big Harry Audacious Goals are you aiming for? Both short term visions and long term are acceptable here. Where are you going?
  • Enter additional businesses or ventures & tell about all of them here.
  • Where do you consider your home base, no matter if you are set, or a digital nomad.
  • What's the best email address for you?