Jason Fried on Sales, Learning, Software & Pricing

Everything is sales. We don’t have any sales people at 37signals, but everything we are doing is sales.

Sales isn’t so much gimmicky pricing ending in 9′s or copy writing, or ad placement – It is about communicating the value of your product.

I used to sell shoes, and we had reps come in and teach us about shoes. A rep would come in and talk about ethyl vinyl acetate, which is a foam that goes into shoes to help absorb shock. He’d be all pumped about EVA, and this technology, as if it really mattered. When customers come in they look at some shoes. They pick it up and flip it around a bit. Then you ask to try on a pair. People are looking for design, comfort and affordability. Nobody cares about EVA foam.

You have to understand in your product that you need to talk about what matters to the customer, because they don’t care about the tech.

Jason Fried has written many wonderful things over the years, and this quotation came from set of questions in one post. Some of the other questions include: Continue reading “Jason Fried on Sales, Learning, Software & Pricing”

Want to Hangout, Don’t want to share video — Do These Three Steps!

Last night I did a wonderful Google Hangout for an hour. Several people from around the world talking, with great fun and excitement, but because of the hour and limitations of hardware, a few did not want to have video.

What ended up happening is 4 of the 5 people who were involved in this hour-long conversation just had a big black box.

It was ok, but taking these simple steps to share a picture, even of some random scenery, would make the whole conversation better. Continue reading “Want to Hangout, Don’t want to share video — Do These Three Steps!”